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Reputation Management Strategies

Search Engine Reputation Management

Face Forward Media employs a search engine reputation management first strategy. We employ a number of different strategies to push down the negative listings. We do this because most search engine users never get past the first couple of search engine result pages (SERPs). So the further down the negative results are pushed the less likely they will have a negative impact on your company since nearly no one will ever see the listings in the first place. We do this by creating new content to post on your website, new content for external articles and publish them, publish new websites extolling your company’s virtues and write or instruct you on how to write your blogs to name just a few reputation of the management strategies we can effectively employ on your behalf. This is especially true for the eight hundred pound gorilla of the search world… Google. We also have tactics to insure that your local search engine listings are packed with positive reviews and are fully optimized.

If the search engine listings are legally slanderous we have a number of lawyers on call that will create effective “cease and desist” orders and follow up with calls to the webmaster (or website owner) to insure compliance. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than notifying the site’s owner to the illegal content that resides on their web page.

Reputation Management Tactics

As our company tag line states we employ “Straight Forward Analysis”, “Forward Thinking Solutions” and return “Fast Forward Results” to all of our clients, especially for our clients who are in dire need of effective reputation management.

Along with search engine reputation management we also employ:

Social Media Reputation Management

  • Social media has become one of the most popular methods individuals employ to voice their opinions
  • Requires a gentle but firm approach
  • It takes an ongoing interaction with all customers
  • This is one area that one cannot use a “fire and forget” management style
  • A company, or in this case their representatives, must be fully involved with the community and offer solutions or possibly compensation for the irate client so there is no doubt in the communities mind that your company is serious about its commitment to excellence.

Video Reputation Management

  • Can be considered one of the new strategies for reputation management
  • Comment on the videos in question
  • Create new highly compelling, linkable videos to push down the offending video
  • Contact the video’s owner and see what if would take to satisfy them.

Using Paid Ads Campaigns for Reputation Management

  • In the very worse of situations it may benefit the company to place PPC ads or graphic display ads to help improve their reputation
  • A recent example would be the accelerator fiasco that Toyota has been dealing with
  • Another example is BP placing ads about how committed they are to cleaning up the Gulf oil spill.

The above is just a very brief synopsis of the strategies we employ to bring your reputation management nightmare to an end. To find out more about our strategies please contact us now to schedule a reputation evaluation.

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