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Sales Consulting Phases

Process and Phasing

Assessment Phase – This is accomplished through an exhaustive needs analysis process, until we have a thorough understanding of the company, strategic and revenue goals, all processes, current resources, and any issues relating to revenue growth.

Planning Phase – We will produce the plan for you. The systems should be aligned properly to achieve revenue goals. FFM will make a formal presentation in the spirit of a true partnership. This includes a phasing plan, which will not disrupt the day-to-day operations of your company.

Execution Phase – Once FFM receives sign-off, the services (within proper timelines) will be launched.

Accountability Phase – We will deliver formal monthly progress reports, so that all services are measured vs. ROI.

Upon completion of each phase, your company will receive:

  • Full monthly audit of services agreed vs. services delivered
  • Assessment Phase – a formal PowerPoint and written report
  • Planning Phase – Drafts of all items in Execution Phase
  • Execution Phase – Dashboards, Management Team Reporting Templates, Sales Activity Templates, Compensation Design Report, Sales Presentations, Evaluation Templates, OPS Review Templates, Management Reporting Book, Sales Training PowerPoint
  • Accountability Phase – monthly progress report

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