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Sales Consulting Accountability Phase

After an exhaustive needs analysis process in the Assessment Phase, and deliberate, strategic organization and implementation in Planning and Execution Phases, FFM will deliver formal monthly progress reports, so that all services are measured vs. ROI. See how your sales team improves over time in areas such as achieving quota, average deal size, customer retention rate, sales turnover reduction, and sales cycle reduction. Our progress reports will detail how these improvements are a direct result of your customized sales training program designed by our award-winning consultants.

We will put your mind at ease by providing hard evidence that your investment in our sales consulting services is worth every penny.  Our lead consultants will sit down with you, face-to-face, and tell you exactly what the current situation is within your sales force, the issues being addressed, the solutions being carried out, and how everything affects your budget and ROI.  We will follow up on each phase of the training process and the relationship to your business model, addressing company needs, strategic and revenue goals, resources, and growth issues, as well as how we are following the customized plan, constructed and aligned properly to achieve your revenue quotas.

Accountability is a vague term, and most sales and marketing firms seem to define success FOR the client, instead of LISTENING to what is important to the customer. This is not the case at Face Forward Media. Accountability is defined by the strategic goals and critical metrics set up by the executive team of your company, before a single service is applied. Ethical accountability and administrative accountability are as equally important as performance accountability. All of the this is guaranteed by Face Forward Media.

With the knowledge of a monthly assessment, your sales team will also be inclined to remain consistent in their training and continue to strive for improved performance until it becomes a natural habit. There is no room for regression in any phase of our training process; they are called progress reports for a reason. Contact us today for more information on our sales training process and the phasing plans involved. Our sales consultants will show you just how our methods can help your sales force perform at its maximum potential and achieve desired results.

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