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Sales Consulting Assessment Phase

Every consultation process starts out with an Assessment Phase. It is necessary to effectively and efficiently build and implement your personalized sales training plan. We dive deep into the inner workings of your company and develop a plan based on the most basic needs of your business model. Our experts will address your greatest strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for improvement and advancement, and the overall effectiveness of your sales and marketing strategies. This is accomplished through an exhaustive needs analysis process, until a thorough understanding of the company, strategic and revenue goals, all processes, current resources, and any issues relating to revenue growth is reached.

Our lead consultants will team up with your staff to develop a consensus on the most critical challenges to your sales force. We will then evaluate your business model and existing infrastructure to determine exactly what technologies, methods, and systems can be leveraged to compliment your customized solution. This thorough, straightforward analysis will bring to light the greatest issues facing you and your sales team, and what we can do to help you work through those issues to improve performance and increase sales and ROI.  Such a detailed, objective assessment of your current and projected sales performance is a very valuable piece of information, and will help you and your team focus on achieving desired results, ultimately leading to a smarter, more efficient business.

Perhaps the most important part of an assessment, understands the questions that are used in the needs analysis process, so that an accurate depiction of the real opportunities and real problems are exposed, so that the solution has immediate bottom line impact. Face Forward Media is a best in class sales and marketing analysis. Knowing the importance of proper discovery, and the precision necessary to get attain the desired result, can only be accomplished with experience.

Once the Assessment Phase has been carried out, we will move onto the Planning Phase, where we will develop a properly aligned sales training strategy, utilizing the core information from the exhaustive needs analysis. Here you will see how the Assessment Phase essentially provides a blueprint for the entire sales consulting process and the training methods used to build your sales force to its maximum potential. We will refer back to the information generated in the Assessment Phase in every consecutive phase, and use it for comparison purposes when presenting our monthly progress reports to show how your sales team has improved. For more information on the phasing aspect of the sales consulting process, contact one of our lead consultants today.

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