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Sales Operations are at the heart of revenue generation; improving yours with the best industry practices is critical to reaching revenue goals. Make sound, timely business decisions to drive short- and long-term sales performance by developing an effective set of Sales Operations activities. To help your sales force perform efficiently and in support of your business strategies and objectives, our lead consultants will construct a custom Sales Operations system, helping you align selling resources with the greatest opportunities in the most cost-effective ways. We will prepare your sales force to sell effectively, ensure a smooth, productive sales cycle through internal systems, and provide access to all information while maintaining data integrity.

Because Sales Operations differ from company to company, we understand how important it is to customize your sales activities to align properly to your business model. Our services, necessary to ensuring success and exceeding revenue targets, include sales strategy design, planning, and execution; compensation, and benefit planning; training and sales communication; territory design and optimization; lead generation and sales programs; and metric data reporting and analytics. The lead sales consultants at Face Forward Media will work with your sales team to develop better customer segmentation, sub-division, and education processes as well as a better internal feedback program.

Face Forward Media uses Executive Dashboards and Analytics to provide updated, concise data, in order to navigate your business on a daily basis. We use leading technology that allows for forecasting accuracy, predictability, sales pipelines, key business metrics and optimization of CRM tools. This process eliminates communication breakdown through real time information.

Face Forward Media Executives have worked with some of the best Sales Operation professionals in the Fortune 1000 realm. We know what works and what does not. The connection between sales operations, the vision from the CEO and the execution from the sales team, must be seamless. Profits are won or lost in mitigating the disconnect between sales operations and the other departments.

Opportunities and developmental areas are quickly identified, allowing your sales team to focus on key company sales objectives. Our executive sales consultants will provide constant support to ensure your team achieves focus, alignment, and synchronization among all functions of your organization. It’s our job to help your sales personnel perform at their top level and to improve overall employee morale. With our services, you and your sales team will fully understand your company’s business model, how sales numbers and ROI are directly affected by performance, and how to access and comprehend valuable data and analytics relative to that performance. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your Sales Operations and boost sales team performance.


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