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Online Video Marketing: THE Tool For Successful Businesses and Websites

Why are more and more companies turning to online video marketing? Well, because it works! In today’s world of short attention spans combined with our innate hunger for instant gratification, we want to get to the point and get there fast. We demand reliable information, but we also want it delivered in the quickest and […]


The “Why” Behind Video Success

Online video marketing is effective, plain and simple. In a 2010 report from Cisco, video traffic accounted for 30% of all Internet traffic, and that number is predicted to increase to 90% by the year 2013. Websites that use video are more likely to engage their targeted audience, experience higher traffic and conversion rates, and […]


Why Having an Outstanding Short Video is Essential for your Website

The world of web has changed. You only have seconds to catch a potential customer’s attention and less than a minute to see if you can keep it. It is essential to have an interesting, professional, and SHORT video that conveys your main points in a quick, concise, easy to understand manner. Four important reasons […]


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